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Where to Stay in Tulum: Best Places and Areas for Your Trip

Where to Stay in Tulum: Best Places and Areas for Your Trip

Wondering where to stay in Tulum? We’ve got you covered with this handy guide to each of the main areas in Tulum.

Figuring out the best place to stay in Tulum can be tricky, but it makes it easier if you decide what kind of vacation you’re looking for. 

Is this going to be a romantic honeymoon retreat? Or, are you looking to make the most of your time by heading to all the Tulum landmarks nearby?

Whatever you decide, the area and the hotel in which you stay can make or break your trip – that’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the different areas of Tulum, and why they might be perfect for you.

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Best Places to Stay in Tulum: At a Glance

Best Hotel in… Hotel
Tulum Playa / BeachAzulik
Hotel ZoneLa Valise Tulum
PuebloTiki Tiki Tulum

Where to Stay in Tulum 

Looking for the best places to stay in Tulum? These are our top choices… 

Tulum Playa / Beach – Best All Round Area to Stay in Tulum 


We think that Tulum Playa (or beach) is the best area to stay in overall. 

Tulum Playa is made up of three areas – north, middle, and south – along a stretch of around 6-miles (10km). It borders the Mayan ruins in Tulum National Park to the north and Sian Ka’an to the south.

Not only can you step out of your hotel and find yourself straight onto a white sand beach, but the area is filled with luxury resorts perfect for a special break, as well as some more affordable spots for families and those on a budget.

Tulum Playa / Beach Highlights

  • White, sandy beaches at your feet
  • Snorkeling, kayaking, and boat tours available along the coast
  • Near plenty of cenotes, including Encantado, Corazon del Paraiso, and Escondido
  • Home to a wide variety of beach clubs
  • Escultura Ven a la Luz tourist attraction 

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Tulum Playa / Beach

Azulik Hotel
Azulik Hotel
  • As far as we’re concerned, Azulik is the top hotel in Tulum. This luxury, adults-only resort encourages you to totally disconnect from the digital world and instead immerse yourself in their workshops of macrame, pottery, glasswork, and fashion. Rooms are decorated in a traditional Mayan fashion, with many offering undisturbed views of the ocean.
  • Habitas Tulum is another luxury beachfront hotel with an eco-friendly focus, though, unlike Azulik, this hotel does not take you quite so off-the-grid. This hotel boasts an outdoor pool and private beach area, so those looking to escape crowds of tourists will adore the seclusion offered by Habitas Tulum.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in Tulum Playa, look no further than Hotel Zulum. Located in a private part of Tulum beach, this rustic hotel offers beachy cabins, outdoor areas for relaxing, and a private pool.

Hotel Zone – Best Place to Stay in Tulum for Couples

Tulum Beach

Wondering where to stay in Tulum for couples? For an extra-special retreat, head to the Hotel Zone, just north of Tulum Playa.

Not only are you right on the doorstep of some of Tulum’s best beaches, but there’s an abundance of restaurants, shops, and bars nearby for you to explore. 

The hotels in this area tend to be on the more expensive side (and some are just plain eye-wateringly pricey), but it’s because it’s truly one of the places to stay in Tulum, Mexico. If, however, you’re looking to save some cash, we recommend heading to a different area.

Tulum Hotel Zone Highlights

  • Situated next to the beach
  • Plenty of luxury hotel resorts here
  • Many restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars in the vicinity

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Hotel Zone

La Valise
La Valise
  • Hotel Ma’xanab is a splurge, but worth it if you’re celebrating something special. This 5-star hotel comes equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, and then some – it boasts a bar, wifi, a pool, and close proximity to the beach (which, FYI, you can see from your gorgeous ocean-view suite). 
  • La Valise Tulum is a truly wonderful hotel. Not only is there a heated infinity pool overlooking the jungle at one end of the boutique hotel and jaw-dropping views of the Caribbean ocean on the other, but there are also beds on the beach so you can admire the stars at night.
  • If you’re looking for more affordable places to stay in Tulum’s Hotel Zone, check out La Zebra a Colibri (though, you’ll need to book well in advance for their cheaper prices). The hotel is slightly livelier than some of the others, making it a great option for those vacationing with family and friends.

Aldea Zama – Best Place to Stay in Tulum on a Budget

Tulum Ruins

Aldea Zama is one of the most underrated (but brilliant) areas in Tulum – though it’s newly developed, which might explain why. 

It’s perfect for those looking to save some cash, yet it’s situated right between Pueblo and the Hotel Zone, so it’s a great location for those looking to sightsee or spend time on Tulum’s dreamy beaches.

The area is known for its eco-friendly hotels, with many of the spots either using solar panels or opting for other energy-saving methods. It’s also a great place to immerse yourself in local life.

Aldea Zama Highlights

  • Tulum Ruins and Archeological Zone is nearby
  • Within walking distance from the beach
  • Lots of restaurants and cafes in the area
  • Filled with budget-friendly eco-hotels
  • Quieter than other parts of Tulum

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Aldea Zama

Moskito Condos
Moskito Condos
  • Moskito Condos offers modern, private suites that are perfect for larger groups or families traveling together. Each room has a private hot tub and rooftop garden area, though there’s also a beautiful communal pool.
  • These Aldea Zama apartments offer a taste of paradise for a very reasonable price. The pool area is stunning, transporting you to an idyllic incarnation of Tulum’s jungle, and guests have all the modern amenities needed for a luxurious stay.

Playa Paraiso – Best Place to Stay in Tulum on the Beach 

Tulum Honeymoon

Just north of the Hotel Zone, on the fringes of Tulum’s National Park, is one of the places to stay in Tulum Mexico on the beach: Playa Paraiso. 

Much quieter than the Hotel Zone and Tulum Playa to the south, Playa Paraiso is heaven for those dreaming of ocean views. Whether you’re taking a honeymoon or just want to vacation in paradise, this sleepy cove is a great spot.

Playa Paraiso Highlights

  • One of Tulum’s best beaches at your feet
  • Next to the National Park and the Tulum Ruins
  • Hotel Zone (and all its cafes, restaurants, and bars) nearby

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Playa Paraiso

Mi Amor a Collibri
Mi Amor a Colibri
  • Mezzanine a Colibri offers a moderately-priced getaway in an adults-only hotel, perfect for those looking for a quieter and more secluded vacation spot. Rooms are decorated with a modern beach-chic style, while the on-site chef serves up delicious Thai and Mexican cuisine in Mezzanine’s restaurant.
  • Mi Amor a Colibri is another adults-only resort, and this one transports you to the lush jungle of Tulum. Opt for sea or jungle view, and wake up to gorgeous sights each morning of your stay. Make sure to book a room with a jet tub if you’re looking for something a little more special.

Pueblo – Best Place to Stay in Tulum for Sightseeing 

Tulum Center

Pueblo, or the town center of Tulum, is the best place to stay in Tulum for those looking to embark on adventures, explore Tulum’s sights, or even party it up at night.

It’s also a very affordable place to stay in Tulum, so it’s perfect for those on a backpacker’s budget or those looking to stay for longer. 

Most of the locals live here too, which means that there are plenty of places where you can scoff authentic cuisine, as well as immerse yourself in Mexican culture.

Pueblo Highlights

  • The best spot for bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • It’s easy to rent a bike and make your way around 
  • One of the cheapest places to stay in Tulum

Suggested Tulum Hotels in Pueblo

Tiki Tiki Tulum
Tiki Tiki Tulum
  • One of our favorite hotels in Tulum, Tiki Tiki Tulum is a lively boutique spot situated in Pueblo. The decor looks like it has come straight out of a Pinterest board, with an abundance of rattan and colorful tiled accents. Rooms are spacious and come fully equipped.
  • Jungle-inspired Una Vida is another great spot in the Pueblo area of Tulum, though it’s just tucked away from the hectic town center. Each of the 11 apartments are decorated in a boho style, and there’s a communal pool where you can laze around in the sun.
  • If you’re looking to save some cash but you’re not willing to compromise on your own space, Mayan Monkey Hotel and Hostel is your best bet. Opt for a private deluxe room (or a dorm, if you’re into that) and you’ll have all the modern amenities of a luxury hotel, but for a fraction of the price. The hotel also boasts a pool, restaurant, bar, and garden area.

Where to Stay in Tulum: Frequently Asked Questions and Practical Tips

How Many Days Should I Stay in Tulum?

It depends where you’re traveling from, what you want to do, and where you want to stay. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, then 5 days in Tulum is enough. 

However, those looking to fully explore the Yucatan Peninsula might want to carve out at least a couple of weeks in and around Tulum.

How Do You Get Around in Tulum?

Tulum is fairly small, so walking and cycling are common ways of getting around. If you’re going to be traveling at night, it’s recommended that you take a taxi.

Places to Stay in Tulum: Map