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Best Breakfast in Tulum: 16 Spots You’ll Love [2023 Guide]

Best Breakfast in Tulum: 16 Spots You’ll Love [2023 Guide]

Tulum is a foodie paradise with over 100 restaurants in this small coastal town. We’ve had the pleasure of trying almost all of them, and we certainly have our favorite breakfast spots.

From breezy beachfront cafes serving fresh, local fruits and acai bowls to bustling downtown hotspots known for their authentic huevos rancheros, Tulum has many great breakfast options.

Here’s a look at just a few of our favorites. We’ll be sure to update this list as we try new places!

Tulum Breakast Spots

Tulum is divided into two main sections, Tulum Town and Tulum Beach. Most of the restaurants in Tulum tend to be clustered in these two areas, and they both have fantastic breakfast spots!

Downtown Tulum, also known as Tulum Town or Tulum Pueblo, is the beating heart of the city where most locals live. We love having breakfast downtown because it has a more local feel, and you’ll find some of the best authentic Mexican dishes like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles.

It’s also very affordable. You can get a traditional hot breakfast with coffee and juice for as little as $7 per person.

Tulum Beach, also known as the hotel zone, is more of a tourist area. Here, you’ll find the beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters Tulum is known for.

While Tulum Beach is full of great beachfront breakfast places, like all tourist areas, be prepared for higher prices than you’ll find in the city. We love eating here when we want to splurge on a Sunday brunch or grab a fresh morning smoothie and walk on the beach.

Here are some of the best breakfast restaurants in Tulum Beach and Downtown Tulum.

Best Breakfast Tulum Beach

1. Ziggy’s


With beachy, bohemian vibes and fresh, locally-sourced food, Ziggy’s serves up some of the best breakfast and even better views right on Tulum Beach.

From fresh juices, smoothies, and acai bowls to rich banana pancakes and Ziggy’s signature breakfast omelets and enchiladas, there’s something for everyone on the menu (including vegan and gluten-free options).

Ziggy’s is also one of the top-rated beach clubs in Tulum. Suppose you’re looking for something to do after breakfast. In that case, we highly recommend grabbing a cocktail at their beachside bar or soaking up some sun on one of their beach beds (with a minimum purchase).

2. Raw Love Beach


With superfood smoothies, organic fresh squeezed juices, and gourmet avocado toast, you’ll find nothing but good vibes at Raw Love Beach.

This down-to-earth beachside cafe is tucked away in a jungle-like atmosphere filled with tropical plants, gorgeous living artworks, and toes-in-the-sand tables.

Everything on the menu at Raw Love Beach is made from scratch with nourishing plant foods meant to promote wellness. You can feel the energy when you walk into this place, and whether you’re plant-based or not, breakfast at Raw Love Beach is a must-try!

3. Cinco Tulum


Featuring tropical vibes and fresh eats, Cinco Tulum serves unique breakfast specialties right on the beach.

Some of their foodie favorites include dishes like tropical pancakes, breakfast chilaquiles, and an array of egg specialties.

They are also renowned for their housemade sorbet in over a dozen flavors (including vegan options). Think breakfast is too early for sorbet? Don’t worry. They’ll top your pancakes with it for one of the most delicious combinations on their menu!

4. Fresco’s Tulum


Another beachside gem, Fresco’s Kitchen, has a vibrant atmosphere, colorful decor, and a diverse menu of delicious dishes.

From healthy fresh fruit bowls and smoothies to decadent pancakes, omelets, and chilaquiles, Fresco’s Kitchen has a menu for all tastes (including vegan and gluten-free options).

The walnut chia pudding is a must-try! This unique dish is made with chia seeds soaked in walnut milk with praline, and banana layered beautifully in a glass jar that is as pretty as it is tasty.

5. Sanara Kitchen (previously named Real Coconut Kitchen)


Sanara Kitchen has a laid-back, beachy vibe. It offers indoor and outdoor seating (we recommended outdoor seating for stunning seaside views).

While their menu has many omnivore options like breakfast burritos and omelets, they are also well-known for their unique plant-based “egg” dishes. Vegans rejoice! You can enjoy a variety of options made with their signature plant-based eggs, from omelets and breakfast sandwiches to French toast.

Sanara Kitchen is also famous for its fresh baked goods. Favorites include their cinnamon rolls and chocolate brioche. Unfortunately, they tend to sell out, so get there early to snag some!

6. Los Bowls de Guadalupe


A quaint beachside cafe serving good food and good vibes, Los Bowls de Guadalupe is the perfect place to grab a laid-back breakfast along the beach.

They have a healthy, plant-based menu of fruit bowls, smoothies, fresh juices, and some more indulgent egg dishes and avocado toasts.

Los Bowls de Guadalupe is a counter service perfect for a quick and cheap breakfast before a day of exploring Tulum. They also have a full coffee bar with various espresso drinks, matcha, and taro lattes.

7. Casa Maria Mexican Grill


Another beautiful beachside retreat, Casa Maria Mexican Grill, has a large open-air dining area overlooking the beach. They have an artfully curated menu with options for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free.

Some foodie favorites on their menu include the colorful beetroot hummus avocado toast and the rich and spicy eggs ranchero. For a splurge, the ice-cream-topped French toast is an absolute must-try!

8. Mivida


Renowned for its charming beachfront terrace and arguably the best crepes in Tulum, Mivida is another restaurant for the must-visit list.

Off the beaten path, Mivida is tucked away and typically doesn’t get as crowded as some other restaurants on Tulum Beach, which adds to the relaxed vibe.

While Mivida has a standard breakfast menu of fruit bowls, pancakes, egg dishes, and some Mexican specialties, the crepes are the most raved-about dish. You can order their signature banana and Nutella crepes as a breakfast dish or a dessert. Either way, they are a must-try!

9. Yuuy (previously named Restaurante Las Estrellas)

Restaurante Las Estrellas

A hidden gem tucked away in the La Luna hotel. Yuuy offers gorgeous ocean views and a menu with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Fresh fruits, avocado toasts, pastries, and authentic Mexican favorites like chilaquiles are all on the menu at Yuuy. They also cater to vegan and gluten-free guests.

You can dine inside Yuuy’s unique, brightly colored Moroccan-themed dining room or on its tropical beachside patio. Either way, Yuuy serves up eclectic vibes and plenty of insta-worthy backdrops.

Best Breakfast Tulum Town

1. Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar


Best known for selling mojitos out of their converted VW Bug parked outside. Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar is also downtown Tulum’s best-kept breakfast secret.

This small open-air bar serves up authentic huevos rancheros and fresh pressed sugar cane juice, a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

A great location right off the main street in downtown Tulum, Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar is the perfect pit stop for breakfast, a mojito, or both. Yes, there are breakfast mojitos. Try the mango. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Del Cielo


Another breakfast hotspot in downtown Tulum, Del Cielo offers a variety of breakfast specialties for all appetites, from light and healthy fruit bowls and smoothies to decadent French toast and huevos rancheros.

They’re also famous for their coconut lattes and frappes featuring their housemade coconut milk. A must-try for coconut lovers!

Del Cielo can get really busy, especially on the weekends, so arrive early to avoid the wait. Once inside, they have plenty of seating both indoors and outside on their tropical patio, surrounded by lush greenery.

3. Burgerito


If you’re craving a burger for breakfast (hey, it’s vacation, why not?), head to Burgerito, right on the main street in downtown Tulum. Don’t worry. In addition to their iconic breakfast burgers (piled high with breakfast staples), they offer plenty of the classics like pancakes, French toast, and huevos rancheros.

Burgerito has many vegan options and a full menu of coffee drinks, fresh pressed juices, and smoothies. Smoothie lovers can’t leave without trying their signature, Fat Monkey, made with fresh coconut milk and peanut butter.

If you can snag a seat on the patio, we highly recommend it! Burgerito’s patio is full of lush tropical plants for a jungle-like feel and laid-back bohemian vibes.

4. Botanica Garden Cafe


A cozy outdoor cafe tucked away just off the main street, Botanica Garden Cafe has a relaxed, tropical vibe and a menu of fresh, healthy, and vegan-friendly food. You’ll find fresh pressed juices, avocado toasts, pancakes, and chilaquiles here.

Botanica Garden Cafe has an extensive menu of coffees, teas, and other breakfast drinks, from espressos and cappuccinos to their uniquely delicious beetroot and cacao lattes.

Starting at 10:00 am, local guitarists on the patio treat breakfast guests to some live music. Botanica Garden Cafe is a great place to grab a relaxing breakfast before a busy day of sightseeing around Tulum.

5. Campanella Cremerie


For a quick breakfast right in the heart of downtown, head to Campanella Cremerie. This small, no-fuss coffee shop offers an array of coffee and pastries and their famous homemade waffles and gelato.

Their waffle menu has about a dozen ways to order them, including topped with fruits, chocolate, or their signature gelato. The Banana King Waffle is a local foodie favorite!

Campanella Cremerie is a chain cafe, so you’ll find other locations around other parts of Tulum. It’s a great place to stop for coffee, breakfast, or a sweet treat while exploring the city.

6. La Hydra by Gigi


A jungle oasis with tropical plants, comfy bean bag chairs, and a rustic wood-burning oven, La Hydra by Gigi boasts a unique breakfast menu unlike anywhere else in Tulum.

Their wood-burning oven churns out flavorful dishes like baked huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, rustic avocado toasts, and breakfast paninis. They also have a full coffee, juice, and smoothie bar.

La Hydra by Gigi offers a breezy, relaxed vibe with unique eats in an off-the-beaten-path location that doesn’t get overwhelmingly busy. After breakfast, hang out in one of their cozy hammocks while sipping on some iced coffee for the most relaxing way to start your day!

7. El Rincon Del Jaguar


With gorgeous pueblo-style architecture and a colorful, artsy vibe, El Rincon Del Jaguar serves authentic local cuisine away from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

El Rincon Del Jaguar is on the outskirts of the main downtown area but is well worth the 15 to 20-minute walk to try their authentic Mexican dishes. Richly spiced local favorites like huevos motulenos, rancheros, and chilaquiles are all on the menu. You’ll also find classics like French toast and eggs benedict.

While the indoor dining room is colorful and vibrant, we recommended snagging a seat in the breezy courtyard. The tables are surrounded by lush greenery and colorful pottery, perfect for relaxing with a cup of coffee!


Restaurants in Tulum are known for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and creating healthy, flavorful dishes. To make the most of your time in the city, try to dine out at different places and enjoy all the local flavors of Tulum’s food scene.

If you’re short on time, we have a few favorite must-try breakfast spots.

You must stop at Raw Love Beach for the freshest juices and best smoothies when beachside.

When in Tulum Town, you cannot leave without trying Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar. Grab a plate of huevos rancheros and a shot of sugar cane juice, and thank us later!

A final tip on finding the best breakfast in Tulum, don’t be afraid to ask the locals! The locals in Tulum are typically very friendly and welcoming to tourists. They’re happy to tell you about their favorite breakfast spot or where to get the best coffee.

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