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14 Tulum Hotels with Dreamy Private Pools (2023 Top Picks)

14 Tulum Hotels with Dreamy Private Pools (2023 Top Picks)

Tulum is a mecca for anyone seeking a tropical paradise with white sand beaches that stretch for miles. If you want added luxury and privacy, choosing a hotel with a private pool is definitely the way to go.

A private pool is always at the top of our wishlist wherever we stay in Tulum. We’ve stayed at some fantastic high-end resorts and some unique, affordable options, as well.

From hidden treehouses with soaking pools to oceanfront villas with wrap-around plunge pools, this list compiles our favorite Tulum hotels with private pools that you can book for your next stay.

Tulum Beach Resorts With Private Pool

1. Our Habitas Tulum


This eco-resort is right on the beach and perfect for anyone who wants the best of oceanfront access and hidden luxe accommodations. One of the reasons we love Our Habitas Tulum is because of its emphasis on wellness and sustainable tourism.

We absolutely loved the daily wellness-centered activities like yoga and water meditation. We also recommended visiting the on-site Wellness Center for spa treatments like deep tissue massages and IV therapy drips.

For a more adventure-focused experience, this resort also offers off-site activities like snorkeling in cenotes and visiting a monkey sanctuary.

We booked a double room with a private pool and absolutely loved it. The privacy of the secluded garden terrace and the convenience of having a private pool and a hammock were divine.

2. IKAL Tulum Hotel


If garden bungalows and jungle treehouses are your vibe, Ikal Tulum Hotel is the perfect fit. Several of the accommodations at this hotel feature private pools, and some even have ocean views directly from your private pool.

The hotel gives off rustic, tropical vibes, and the theming is present throughout the entire property. During the day, you can expect a calm, peaceful atmosphere. At night, the tranquility continues while you watch the stars overhead with little to no light pollution.

Our favorite room to book at Ikal is the Oceanfront Suite, which features a private plunge pool! We were obsessed with the views of the ocean from this room. The design is also unique because it’s a wrap-around-style pool with gorgeous greenery in the center.

3. Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum


Hotel Ma’xanab is an incredibly luxurious 5-star hotel that boasts a neutral, mellow color scheme and minimalistic theming throughout the resort. The simple decor is serene and inviting, not to mention totally Instagrammable.

This boutique hotel offers delicious food and beach day beds. They also provide bikes free of charge to explore around the area. This is a huge perk, considering daily bike rentals in Tulum can cost anywhere from $8-$10 USD each day per person. Plus, the convenience of having bikes available on-site means more time for fun and less time spent focusing on logistics.

We recommend the Junior Suite with Ocean Views. We loved the added space in this 840-square-foot room, and it also has a balcony, private pool, and views of the water. What more could you need for a trip to paradise? Plus, not to mention the room also features a minibar, dressing area, and a living room.

4. O’ Tulum Boutique Hotel – Adults Only


Part of what makes the O’ Tulum Boutique Hotel stand out is that every single room at the hotel features a private plunge pool. Plus, with 3 outdoor pools and an infinity pool on the terrace, this property has no pool shortage.

Another nice feature about the in-room pools is that they’re covered, so you can soak up the sun without getting burned!

This hotel prides itself on creating a relaxing environment for its guests and is exclusively adult-only. Sorry, but no kids are allowed!

This hotel is also further away from the popular nightlife of Tulum. Still, the seclusion and quietness are part of what makes this hotel so unique.

Breakfast is included in your stay, and an on-site restaurant stays open late into the evening. The menu has several delicious offerings, but our favorite dishes are the Mezcal Marinated Steak and the Grilled Octopus. You won’t tire of the food or the views while staying here. We certainly didn’t!

5. Tago Tulum by G Hotels


One of the most idyllic, luxe hotels on this list is Tago Tulum by G Hotels. Not only are the hotel grounds beautifully curated but so too are the gorgeous suites.

Sophisticated glamor meets tropical paradise at Tago. No matter what room type you book, you’ll benefit from an in-room private pool, a spacious indoor bathroom, and plenty of options for indoor-outdoor seating in the open-concept space.

The private pools at Tago are larger in width than most other hotels we’ve stayed at in Tulum. We loved being able to actually swim and move around in our private pool, and it didn’t feel cramped or crowded at all.

Interested in getting an in-room couples massage? The staff at Tago will make it happen. Are you thinking of hitting up some local restaurants nearby? Tago is close enough to several great spots while feeling secluded and serene.

If you decide to stay at Tago, try the Salmon Tartar at Batta Sushi! We love enjoying this dish every time we visit Tago.

6. Ana y Jose Hotel & Spa Tulum


Located right on the beach and near several restaurants and clubs, the Ana y Jose Hotel & Spa Tulum is the perfect spot for couples and even large travel groups.

Several room offerings at this hotel have multiple bedrooms to accommodate large groups for weddings, family reunions, bachelorette parties, and more. This property will be perfect if you’re looking for a luxury boutique resort for your next trip.

The traditional Mexican decor combined with rustic woody elements creates an intimate environment tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Tulum. There is both a spa and restaurant on-site and an outdoor pool.

For ultimate tropical jungle vibes, we love the superior king room. It has a private pool, a stocked minibar, and stunning garden views. This hidden oasis is gorgeous and very romantic. We thoroughly enjoyed using the private pool all day and into the evening!

7. Papaya Playa Project


Each room type at Papaya Playa Project is unique and boasts comfortable, clean indoor and outdoor spaces. There are various accommodation types, including cabins, casitas, and villas–ranging from 248 square feet to 2,691 square feet!

This hotel gives off chic vibes reminiscent of something out of a movie. One of the reasons we decided to stay at Papaya Playa is because it offers the perfect balance of relaxation and nightlife. We adored the evening beach club parties; some of our best memories in Tulum were made here!

Papaya Playa Project is a bit pricier compared to some of the other hotels and resorts on this list, but the cost is justified through the gorgeous interior and exterior spaces around the hotel.

We booked the Casita Jungle Rooftop Pool room, and the vast wooden deck with a relatively spacious plunge pool made it one of our favorite rooms we’ve ever stayed in during our many visits to Tulum.

The jungle views are some of the best we’ve seen. Make sure to bring your camera to get those Instagram photos!

For a more affordable option, we also love the Casita Jungle Room. This room is ground-level, but it is still very luxurious and private. Like the Rooftop Pool room, this Jungle Room features a private pool and is slightly larger than the rooftop plunge pool!

8. Maya Tulum by G Hotels


The accommodations at Maya Tulum by G Hotels are to die for. The rooms feel cozy and romantic, with stone walls and thatched hut roofs. Some rooms feature private pools and large, expansive windows to gaze at the ocean.

This property has a spa, boutique, deli, restaurant, beach club, and rooftop bar, making it one of the best options for visitors who want to have everything on-site for maximum convenience.

The wellness-based experiences at this resort are fantastic, and activities such as yoga and salsa classes vary daily. One of our favorite things at Maya was participating in the Temazcal Ceremony.

Temazcal is a traditional Mexican ceremony that involves sweating out spiritual and physical impurities in a sweat lodge, and it originated with ancient civilizations throughout Mesoamerica. The ceremony takes place every other day, and it’s absolutely worth trying, especially if it’s your first-ever visit to Tulum!

9. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa


This hotel is the largest on this list regarding available accommodations on-site. Still, you won’t lose any sense of privacy or peacefulness during your stay. One major factor that makes this resort stand out from the others on this list is that it is all-inclusive! Yep, that’s right. Everything is included in your stay, from food and drinks to movies on the beach.

Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa is family-friendly and features a kids club and splash park on-site. Of all the hotels and resorts on this list, this is the best family-oriented, all-inclusive Tulum beach resort.

Our favorite room type on the property is the Deluxe Swim Out Room. This is great for couples like us who travel without kids because this section of the hotel is adults-only. The pool attached to the room is surrounded by lush garden views, which makes it very serene and peaceful.

Tulum Town Hotels With Private Pool

1. Hotel Muaré Tulum


Out of all the town hotels in Tulum, Hotel Muare Tulum is our favorite due to its tranquil accommodations (all of which feature a private pool) and its keen focus on gastronomy and mixology.

Despite it not being located directly on the beach, it is just a short drive to get to a beach for snorkeling, swimming, and suntanning. We didn’t mind the drive, and we barely wanted to leave the resort because it was so stunning! It’s truly something out of an Architectural Digest magazine.

This is an adults-only hotel, and it’s also pet-friendly! Another perk is that breakfast is included in your stay. All the suites at Hotel Muara are incredibly spacious and equipped with a private pool, terrace, and minibar.

Our favorite room by far is the Deluxe Muare Suite. It’s slightly more expensive compared to some of the other options. Still, the cozy ambiance and private pool surrounded by lush tropical plants is well worth the splurge.

2. The Waves Tulum


One unique element about The Waves Tulum that no other hotel on this list has to offer is a private cenote underneath the resort!

This hotel is one of the most affordable options on this list, making it an excellent option for extended stays. Plus, it is family-friendly and features a small play area for children. There is also a restaurant and pool bar on-site, and the hotel offers room service.

If you’re planning to stay at The Waves Tulum, book the Penthouse Apartment. We loved staying in this room during a previous trip to Tulum because it’s incredibly spacious and features a gorgeous rooftop pool, two bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen, a terrace, and a flat-screen TV.

3. Atman Residences Tulum Hotel


Located roughly halfway between the city and the beach lies Atman Residences Tulum Hotel, a luxury private compound in the heart of the rainforest. Each villa-style accommodation has ample space for you and your travel party to enjoy ultimate relaxation.

The hotel’s aesthetic is modern and minimal, incorporating unique textiles and designs throughout the property and villas.

Not only does Atman Residences Tulum provide luxurious, private villa-style accommodations, but the hotel also features several amenities, such as a spa, a concierge team that will assist you in booking excursions, and a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotel also offers room service when you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your villa.

4. Majaro Hotel Tulum


If you’re looking for a more intimate vacation spot, Majaro Hotel Tulum might be the perfect choice. Each accommodation is tastefully curated to exude subtle luxury and cozy-chic vibes. One of the added touches we loved during our stay was the ultra-plush bathrobes in the room!

Though the hotel itself is smaller, the rooms themselves are relatively spacious. The largest room is the Apartment with Terrace, clocking in at a whopping 1,367 square feet! This room features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a private terrace with a pool.

Because this hotel is smaller, there aren’t as many on-site amenities as other resorts. However, Majaro Hotel Tulum does feature a restaurant with a decent variety of options for breakfast and lunch. There is also a spa on-site that offers a menu of wellness services.

4. Kasa Hotel Kuyen – Adults Only


The Kasa Hotel Kuyen is a boutique, adults-only hotel with a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, a spa, access to an off-site beach club, and a pool common area. Three out of the four room types feature a private pool and terrace.

The hotel offers bicycles to rent, and you can also work with hotel staff to arrange tours, excursions, and transportation. This hotel is also pet-friendly.

We booked a double room with a pool view for our stay at Kasa Hotel Kuyen. Our entire experience here felt very luxurious, and we especially loved the spacious tiled pool steps away from our bed on our private terrace. The sunset views from the rooftop terrace made our trip even more romantic.

5. Aruna Tulum – Luxury Studios & Apartments


Aruna Tulum is one of the best options available if you’re looking for your home away from home in Tulum. The property features apartment-style accommodations with beautifully decorated, spacious interiors. This hotel is an excellent option for more extensive travel parties, families, or couples who want to relax in a comfortable, private setting.

A pool, concierge, and free parking are available at this property. Because the accommodations are apartment-style, there aren’t many on-site amenities, and there also isn’t a restaurant on-site. However, plenty of restaurants are nearby, and the apartments feature kitchens.

We recommend splurging on the Family Studio if you’re traveling with a large party. This apartment is huge, clocking in at 2,300+ square feet! The apartment is two stories and features a private rooftop pool and terrace for your travel party to enjoy all hours of the day or night.


After a long day of exploring Tulum’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, there is nothing quite like having your own private pool. Whether looking for a luxury beachfront oasis or a charming jungle retreat in town, various options suit every taste and budget.

Why settle for anything less than total relaxation on your next vacation? Any fabulous hotels on this list are an excellent option for visitors looking for an idyllic getaway in tropical Tulum.

Our favorite choice for a hotel on the beach has to be Maya Tulum by G Hotels. We adored this hotel’s theming and the suites that boast expansive, spacious outdoor terraces with round private pools. We also love that there is so much available on-site at this property, including a spa, rooftop bar, and a boutique!

Our favorite pick for hotels closer to town is Hotel Muare Tulum. Hands down, this hotel is among the most serene hotels we’ve ever visited. We loved feeling like we were always nestled in the middle of a private jungle oasis while staying at this hotel. The whole atmosphere of the property feels incredibly intimate and sophisticated, which is why we love visiting here repeatedly.

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