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12 Breathtaking Tulum Treehouse Hotels [Best of 2023]

12 Breathtaking Tulum Treehouse Hotels [Best of 2023]

Amidst the rocky cliffs, white sand beaches, and ancient ruins, Tulum is one of the most charming towns on the Caribbean coastline.

There are many ways to explore this bohemian paradise. Still, perhaps the most immersive way to spend your fleeting vacation days is to climb above the mangrove forest and perch yourself in a real-life treehouse hotel where you can nest in with nature — at least, that’s our favorite way to experience its beauty!

Here’s a look at our absolute favorite Tulum treehouse accommodations.

Best Treehouse Hotels in Tulum

1. Radhoo Tulum


Tucked into a tropical canopy, Radhoo Tulum feels mysterious and dreamy. The primitive plank floors and thatched roofs set the tone for a stay that’s bound to be tranquil, idyllic, and absolutely unforgettable.

If you want the utmost privacy on your terrace, avoid the only two suites at the resort that overlook the pool. The garden view rooms are fairly secluded, but you can’t go wrong with a jungle view (if you can reserve one).

No matter which room you pick, you won’t regret a second of your stay here. From relaxing in the deep blue pool to laying on the suspended hammocks amongst the branches, this treehouse hotel leaves no detail to be desired. In the evening, join fellow guests in the bar to socialize, head to the spa for a relaxing massage, or retreat to your room to bask in the view.

Beyond aesthetics, this hotel makes it to the number one spot on our list thanks to incredible service and even better food. The staff will prove helpful and attentive from the minute you arrive, and the chefs working behind the scenes provide an abundance of fresh fruit and decadent plates to start your day each morning.

2. La Valise Tulum


La Valise Tulum can feel like two different hotels, depending on which side you choose. On one side of the road lie 11 suites tucked into the jungle, giving off real-life tree house vibes. On the other side of the road sit 11 beachside bungalows, putting you steps from the gorgeous blue waters. We say you can’t go wrong no matter which side you choose.

La Valise Tulum balances luxury and informality, something many hotels in Tulum can’t seem to get right. Open-air showers immerse you in nature while WiFi and room service provide all the comforts of a place even better than home.

One of our favorite features has to be the heated infinity pool, which offers welcomed warmth on chilly nights and breezy days. The beachside loungers are a great place to take in the stars once the sun sets. And, our absolute favorite aspect about La Valise is the beds, which are on casters. Hence, they roll right onto the private balcony. Take our word for it: There’s no better feeling than sinking into that big cozy bed surrounded by a tropical paradise.

3. Alaya Tulum


Steps away from South Tulum Beach, this hotel is located in an area of Tulum that’s highly sought after. We love it because it’s a bit more secluded than other areas and far quieter than the middle beach, which can sometimes become too exuberant for us with all the DJs and beach clubs. Still, this area has so much to offer, and Alaya, in particular, will be a place you’ll never want to leave.

Each room features a spacious terrace where you can take in the views, but there’s also a large shared upper deck where guests meet for yoga. In fact, this treehouse stay is adored by yogis. It would be a top pick for anyone interested in wellness and meditation on their vacation.

We love the excellent atmosphere, cleanliness, and security of this property. Still, it’s the staff that truly stood out to us. It’s easy to find good service in Tulum, but Alaya takes it three steps further. Sip on tea in the morning and drink at the beachside bar in the afternoon, all while enjoying the genuinely friendly banter and advice from local staff. If you decide to book this place, we suggest getting a top-floor room (but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if you can’t because it’s that amazing). 

4. IKAL Tulum Hotel


If you’re looking for white-glove luxury, skip right past IKAL Tulum — but if you want a harmonious and peaceful place to unwind amongst rustling branches and blooming gardens, consider this the top pick.

Plus, there are so many different accommodation types to choose from. We really feel there’s something for everyone at IKAL.

There are ocean-front cabañas, treehouse cabañas, along with 20 tents situated on the shores of Tulum National Park. There’s another option, the Aldea, a set of nine bungalows around a private seawater pool that feels more like a beachside community than a hotel.

Our favorite is the treehouse cabañas, which have a balcony and private pool to completely tuck away into your little world.

As far as amenities go, this hotel offers a bar, restaurant, room service, and a lovely breakfast prepared fresh each morning. A section of the beach has also been dedicated to the hotel, giving you plenty of room to spread out.

If you want to venture out, it’s also located close to the Tulum Archeological Site and other points of interest that we always suggest travelers visit.

5. Mamasan Treehouses & Cabins


Suppose you dream of unobstructed views of the starry night sky and a deep soaking tub where you can melt away all your worries. In that case, you’ll love any of the Mamasan Treehouses and Cabins. 

These unique treehouses have large, airy windows, but some even have domes that reveal the gorgeous views above.

Truly, the only reason Mamasan isn’t higher on the list is for one trait that can make or break your vacation, depending on how you like to travel. Just across the way from the beautiful rooms sits a bustling nightclub that keeps quieter guests up until late hours of the night (sometimes, sometimes, like ‘till 3 am). 

For those who love the party scene, this is always one of the first hotels we recommend in Tulum, but we’ll warn you of the noise if you use words like “peaceful” to describe your dream trip.

6. Libelula Tulum


We recommend Libelula Tulum for the amazing ambiance on the inside and the incredible private beach that lies just footsteps away.

Whether you’re sinking your toes into the sand and wading through the clear water or listening to the rolling waves from your open-air room, Libelula Tulum is just far away enough from the hustle and bustle to be peaceful but not inconvenient.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for the best of all worlds, with plenty of amenities to experience during your trip. One of the things that makes this hotel feel so secluded is that it has only nine rooms on the beach, giving everyone plenty of space and privacy.

It’s easy to immerse yourself in that deserted island vibe, with a beachfront bar just a short walk away if you want to get social. But, if you’re a warm sleeper, let us warn you that only select rooms have A/C.

For true treehouse vibes, opt for the Beach View Sky Suite or Beach View Sky Master Suite, as both room types are set on the upper floor, where the views are immense, and things are just a bit more private.

As you likely guessed, the master suite is larger but boasts panoramic views worth the splurge if this is a special trip.

7. Kanan Tulum – Adults Only


This unique adults-only hotel will allow you to burrow into the natural canopy and transport you into a hidden temple tucked into the Mayan jungle.

Standing out from the rest, Kana Tulum is more than a treehouse hotel — it has been carefully designed in a nest-like fashion, helping you feel like part of the beautiful jungle surrounding you with rich textiles and mesmerizing aesthetics.

Locally sourced food and drinks are tailored to a mature palate. At the same time, a rooftop lounge and swim-up bar make it easy for singles to mingle while couples get lost together. On the weekends, the beach club even offers an exciting DJ lineup.

8. Playa Esperanza Tulum


Playa Esperanza Tulum stood out to us because of its incredible natural accommodations. Exposed thatched roofs contrast with bright tile floors, making for a stay with all the rustic and cozy vibes you’d expect from a treehouse hotel while still feeling clean and welcoming.

There’s an eatery on-site, but local restaurants also offer delicious cuisine, and the location of this hotel makes it extremely walkable.

Bike tours, snorkeling, windsurfing, and countless other activities can also be booked through the hotel’s tour desk if you’re after some excitement.

Although Playa Esperanza Tulum may not literally be situated amongst the trees like some of the other spots on this list, it does have a prime beachfront location and airy rooms with vaulted ceilings and private terraces. This could be a great option if you want to be on the water for a fraction of the cost of other hotels.

9. Hotelito Azul


Did someone say dog friendly? Hotelito Azul is amazing, especially if you’re traveling with a four-legged friend. Service is top-notch, and the accommodations lean far more toward the luxury end of the spectrum than other stays on this list, with no shortage of modern amenities.
The area of Tulum where this hotel is situated is especially popular for cycling. You can call the front desk to rent a bike of your own.

The beach is incredible, and the rooms leave nothing to be desired. For those working on the go, rooms also come outfitted with desks, making Hotelito Azul one of the most versatile accommodations in the area.

In the spirit of luxury, Hotelito Azul also offers a concierge desk that can make restaurant reservations, recommendations, and book experiences for you at your leisure, so you can spend more time enjoying Tulum.

This is our top recommendation for anyone traveling with their dog, but don’t count it out just because you aren’t bringing along a four-legged friend.

Hotelito Azul has a private white sand beach and endless snorkeling, kite surfing, and diving opportunities. We recommend it for all travelers.

10. Nomade Tulum


It says something when you end a vacation and can’t stop raving about the service you received, and we’re convinced that’s how you’ll leave Nomade Tulum.

This hotel has incredibly hospitable staff at the front desk, working the concierge service and seemingly around every corner.

They make every stay special, and the ambiance throughout the property is vibrant and welcoming.

There are two restaurants on set, both offering divine cuisine, and you won’t ever go hungry thanks to the excellent fresh breakfast provided each morning. The long list of activities includes daily live music performances, meditation sessions, and yoga classes. There’s not a dull moment to be had.

All things considered, Nomade Tulum is just the right place if you’re looking for a beachfront hotel that is safe, private, and attentive. While the architecture may not be as unique or astounding as some of the other stays listed here, we would argue that nature is what stands out at this minimalistic hotel. The rooms are comfortable, but there’s no topping the incredible surroundings. Whether on the beach or in one of the pools under the canopy of trees, Nomade Tulum is our top pick for those who want to stay out and embrace the beauty instead of tucking in.

11. Azulik


Azulik is more than a hotel. This adults-only resort offers beautiful accommodations, a clothing-optional beach, and a Mayan Wellness Centre that welcomes guests to meditate and heal.

From sunbathing to melting away in the traditional sweat lodge, you are bound to leave Azulik feeling rejuvenated and restored.

Inside each spacious treehouse, you’ll be greeted with floor-to-ceiling windows fully netted from mosquitoes but able to let in all the beautiful natural light and sounds of the jungle. Private decks with outdoor beds and seating allow you to become one with the sea and trees.

There are no TVs, phones, or even electricity to disrupt your tranquility. To take your relaxation a step further, wade into your mosaic Mayan bathtub and soak in the rich mineralized sacred waters.

If you’re after a true treehouse escape that takes you away from the woes of modern life, you can’t miss Azulik.

12. Kan Tulum


The unique architecture of Kan Tulum may feel more like a tree tower than a tree house. Still, it has all the modern amenities you could ask for, with private rooftop terraces, an expansive pool, and no shortage of places to lounge. It even has a romantic waterfall and rambling pathways, perfect for honeymooners.

While it’s not quite an all-inclusive resort, there’s a restaurant on site (with vegan options), a lively bar, a spa, and an airport shuttle, so you can literally drop your suitcase at the door and stay on property your entire trip if you so choose.

A tip? If you’re booking the suite listed with an infinity pool, be aware that it’s connected to the main pool and might not be as private as you’d like.

Otherwise, Kan Tulum is one of the larger and more affordable hotels on our list of favorites, and definitely worth considering for your trip.


You can’t go wrong with any of these lovely stays for a truly memorable experience that immerses you in the Mayan jungle and transports you to the Caribbean Sea’s timeless coasts.

Out of all of them, our top two picks would have to be Hotelito Azul and IKAL Tulum for two entirely different reasons.

Hotelito Azul isn’t just dog-friendly, but it adds a touch of luxury that’s hard to find in Tulum, making it the great (if not only) choice for various travelers.

Likewise, IKAL Tulum has various accommodation types to fit your vision of a dream vacation, no matter what it looks like. Still, they prioritize nature’s beauty instead of white glove service, immersing you in Tulum’s magic.

If you’re trying to pick the perfect treehouse hotel for your Tulum trip, take some time to think about your style of travel and what it is that you value in your stay. Whatever it is, we know there’s an amazing hotel waiting for you on the other end.

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