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The Best Hostels in Tulum (in 2023)

The Best Hostels in Tulum (in 2023)

Looking for the best hostels in Tulum? We’ve got you covered with this guide to the best places to stay on a budget.

It’s no secret that Tulum is brimming with wonderful hostels, but it’s also got a fair few that don’t quite hit the mark.

Whether you’re looking for quiet budget accommodation to use as a base for sightseeing, a party-centric hostel where the drinks flow all night, or a comfortable working space, it’s vital that you find the hostel in Tulum that suits you.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the very best – to save you the hard work. Read on to discover our guide to the best hostels in Tulum…

Best Hostels in Tulum: At a Glance 

Best Tulum Hostel – Top Picks Hostel 
Best Overall HostelLum
Best Party Hostel Mayan Monkey Hotel and Hostel
Best Hostel for Digital NomadsOOstel Smart Hostel 
Best Quiet Hostel Mimosa

Best Hostels in Tulum


Lum Hostel

For those looking for a hostel in Tulum that still exudes the beauty that can be found in all of Tulum’s hotels, Lum is our top recommendation.

From the industrial-chic dorms and elegant private rooms, to the spacious common area and kitchen, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped foot into a high-end hotel. Add to that ample locker space, individual power plugs, and the comfiest of beds, and you’ve got yourself a bit of a bargain.

The best bit? When dorm rooms start at just $14, you’ll have plenty of cash saved to splurge on Tulum’s many restaurants and bars.

Hostel Che Tulum

Che Tulum

Another spot that gives the finest hotels a run for their money is Hostel Che. Located in the Centro area, you’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from the top bars and restaurants, as well as Tulum’s ruins and beaches

Rooms are simple, yet modern, and each bunk has a curtain for privacy – an often overlooked (but very important) aspect of a hostel. Especially when you’re staying in a party haven such as Tulum.

The huge pool and outdoor space are the main benefits of this beautiful hostel, though the fast WIFI and modern workspace is perfect for digital nomads, too.



When it comes to Tulum hostels, none have garnered quite the same wonderful reputation as Shambalam

From the friendly staff, who go above and beyond to treat you to the best stay, to the Mexican Gothic decor adorning the walls, a stay at this hostel in Tulum will leave you with a smile on your face.

Don’t be fooled by the stunning exterior – the rooms are very, very simple. But the beds are comfy and there’s even a small but refreshing pool for you to cool off in the midday sun.

Mayan Monkey Hotel & Hostel

Mayan Monkey Hostel

When it comes to cheap places to stay in Tulum, none are as fun as the Mayan Monkey Hotel and Hostel.

The restaurant and bar serve up delicious meals and drinks until late in the evening, where it feels as if the entirety of Tulum gather in the buzzy garden for a cocktail or two. 

But what about the rooms? This is a Tulum party hostel that’s as beautiful as it is fun. Rooms are decorated in a signature Tulum style: light wood accents, beiges and light linens, and rattan accessories.

It’s on the higher end of hostel prices, though it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a cosy stay that won’t cost you the earth.

OOstel Smart Hostel

Oostel Hostel

If you’re looking for a no-fuss spot to rest your head, OOstel Smart Hostel might just be the best hostel Tulum offers for you.

Rooms are on the smaller side, yet offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. And the outdoor shower adds an extra-tropical touch to your vacation. This is also a great spot for those working on the move too, as the WIFI is speedy and the co-working space optimal.

It might not be best party hotel in Tulum, but things can get a little wild here – so bear that in mind before you book.

Meteora Stay & Coffee House

Metoera Stay Hostel

Ready to feel like you’ve been swept deep into the jungle? Meteora Stay & Coffee House is a dreamy rustic-style hostel in Tulum, offering the choice between 4-bed and 8-bed dorms, as well as private rooms.

That said, the dorm rooms are spacious and bright, overlooking the pool and tropical garden outside. Though, indulging in the private room is a great idea for those looking for a little extra privacy – and luxury.

The business centre and excellent tea and coffee facilities means that this is one of the top hostels in Tulum for digital nomads.

Tubo Tulum Hostel

Tubo Tulum

If you’re looking for a unique hostel in Tulum, Tubo could just be the perfect place. 

What it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in cool-ness: you’re ensconced in a private tube cabin overnight. But don’t worry, it’s not quite the sticks – you’ll have access to WIFI and plugs. Though the bathroom is a short walk away.

This eco-friendly hostel has taken the tube theme and ran with it, with the dining area also made up of private tube cubicles where you can chow down in peace. Speaking of food, if you’re looking to save some extra money, there’s a large supermarket a short walk away where you can stock up on supplies.

Hostel Oryx

Hostel Oryx

Without a doubt, Hostel Oryx is one of the best places to stay in Tulum on a budget. It’s situated in the heart of Tulum nearby to all the very best shops, restaurants, and bars, and just a stone’s throw away from the beach.

From the beautiful garden and large pool to the spacious and minimalistic dorm rooms, everything at this hostel is comfortable and clean.

Whilst this isn’t a crazy party hostel (though there is night entertainment), it’s located in the Centro area and can get a little bit loud at night – something to note if you’re looking for lights out by 9pm.

Straw Hat Hostel + Bar

Straw Hat Hostel

You won’t be able to miss Straw Hat Hostel in Tulum – the quaint little building looks like it’s got on a straw sun hat, and the colorful bicycles out the front will draw you straight in.

The beds are spacious though storage is on the smaller side, so make sure you’re not bringing a huge suitcase with you or you might just struggle. The rooftop pool is a nice addition, treating you to stunning views of the lush Mexican landscape.

Be warned: this is a party hostel… and it’s a great one.

Selina Tulum

Selina Tulum

Situated in the hotel zone, Selina Tulum is one of the best Tulum hostels if you’re wanting to spend most of your trip lazing on the beach. Though, you’re also close to the other attractions, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars a short walk away.

It’s on the pricier side for a hostel – though it’s still a huge chunk cheaper than many of the hotels in Tulum. Dorms are spacious and clean, with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

If you can, choose to stay in a teepee and have your own, private Tulum experience surrounded by nature in all its jungle-y glory.

Mimosa Tulum

Mimosa Tulum

If you want all the comfort of a more luxury stay in Tulum – alright, it’s more like glamping, but you get the gist – but with the cost-effective benefit of dorm-style rooms, Mimosa is the ideal Tulum hostel.

The rooms possess the ultimate beachy vibes, from the rattan accents to the cubicle-style bathrooms. We’ve stayed in a fair few hostels in our time, and this one is definitely one of the most modern and comfortable out there.

You’re less than two miles from Paraiso and Ruinas, two of Tulum’s best beaches, and you’re right in the center – surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants where you can party the night away.

Mama’s Home Hostel

Mama's Home

Mama’s Home is one of the top hostels in Tulum. Not only are the rates extremely cheap – we’re talking from $15 a night – but the location in Tulum Centro could not be better.

You’ve got the option to opt for dorm rooms, family rooms, and smaller sharing rooms, so there’s no need to compromise on comfort or budget. 

Besides, each of the rooms is light, bright, and spacious, so even if you choose to share with strangers, you won’t feel like your space is being encroached on. 

Chill Inn

Chill Inn

If you’re looking for a chilled-out spot to bed down for the night, Chill Inn is one of the top places for a relaxing stay in Tulum. 

Tucked just out of the way of Centro, you’re close enough to the shops, bars, and restaurants, yet far enough away that you’re pretty-much guaranteed a great night’s sleep.

Chill Inn’s rooms and amenities are simple, but ample enough for a comfortable stay in Tulum – and you’ve got lockable storage so that you can keep your items safe whilst you explore.

What to Expect from Hostels in Tulum: Practical Tips 

  • Tulum is a notorious party spot, and so most of the hostels in the area will be fairly loud at night. This is something to consider if you really value your sleep – you might want to think about opting for a hotel or a private dorm in a quieter hostel, like Mimosa or Selina.
  • Consider what you want to see and do on your trip. We’ve written a guide to the very best areas to stay in Tulum for sightseeing, beach-visits, and plenty more. Once you’ve decided on the best area, you’ll be able to find the perfect hostel for you.

Best Hostels in Tulum: Map