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Tulum Shopping Guide I Explore the Best Shops in Tulum

Tulum Shopping Guide I Explore the Best Shops in Tulum

Looking for the best shops in Tulum? Pick up the perfect souvenir at one of these brilliant shopping spots.

The perfect souvenir can be tricky to find. We’ve all been there, rushing around last minute with a shoddy pack of pens, a couple of fridge magnets, and an already-fraying t-shirt for Gran.

Well, there’s no need to worry about this in Tulum. The area is filled with hundreds of boutique shops serving up excellent artisan goods – as if we needed a reason to ditch the chains and support local businesses, eh? 

From family-run ceramic stores to luxury couture fashion collections, picking up the perfect souvenir (or a treat for yourself – you totally deserve it) in Tulum couldn’t be easier.

Ready to discover the ultimate guide to shopping in Tulum?

Best Shops in Tulum 

La Troupe

La Troupe prides itself on producing impeccably hand-crafted decor and fashion at reasonable prices – and we are huge fans of this Tulum shop. 

Situated just south of the Hotel Zone, this shop is located near a whole host of brilliant boutiques that we highly implore you to go and explore. After all, supporting the local economy is very important (and who needs an excuse to shop?).

Our top picks from La Troupe include delicately embroidered ponchos, beautiful cushion covers, and their tote bags – these sell out extremely quickly, so you’ll need to be quick.


Wondering where to shop in Tulum? Start with Mixik. With two locations in Downtown Tulum and the Hotel Zone, Mixik is your one-stop shop for quirky souvenirs. Not a bookmark or a tacky fridge magnet in sight.

Instead, expect artisanal Mexican crafts spanning from painted skulls to embroidered blouses and authentic ceramics. The staff will also wrap everything up neatly for you, which is a wonderful touch.

Of the two Tulum shops, the one in Downtown Tulum is our favorite – look out for the red and yellow shop flanked by skeletons and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Casa Hernandez Gallery

It’s hard to miss Casa Hernandez Gallery – situated in Tulum Centro, it’s a riot of color. This family-run shop is run by son Mauricio Hernández and grandson Mauricio Jr. and is one of our favorite places to shop in Tulum.

A high-quality selection of hand-painted Mexican pottery, as well as folk art and crafts are available at Casa Hernandez. It’s one of the best places to shop in tulum.

The pottery is special, authentic Talavera – which means that it can usually be found only in Puebla and can only contain certain colors. The result? Impressive ceramics that make an ideal souvenir.

La Madra Tierra

Looking for organic beauty? La Madra Tierra has got you covered.

Stocking 100% organic items made in Mexico, expect soaps, fragrances, facial products, and hair care to feature heavily. We’ve heard on the grapevine that their solid facial cleansing soaps work wonders. 

They’ve even introduced a rather suave gentleman’s beauty kit, complete with a razor, shaving soap, and brush – it’s the perfect handmade gift for your dad, boyfriend, or brother.


Auras is, without a doubt, the most beautiful place to shop in Tulum. This is quite the feat, considering many of Tulum’s boutiques are heavenly visions of rattan and light linens.

Selling a delightful hodgepodge of home decor, body care, and fashion items, there’s something for everyone at this little store. You’ll find it just off the #307 near the Archeological Zone.


Eco-friendly clothing and home decor is the name of the (very fashionable) game at Spiritum, which is just around the corner from the iconic Nomade Resort

We’ll warn you, this spot is not cheap. But you’re paying premium prices for premium quality, and the items for sale are simply stunning – the mules are particularly popular amongst both tourists and locals alike.

Mr. Blackbird

Our favorite spot for unique jewelry finds in Tulum is Mr. Blackbird. Each item is hand-crafted by local artisans using precious stones and high-quality metals – it’s one of the best Tulum brands, we think.

The rings are particularly impressive – and well priced. In fact, we’ve been eyeing up a raw amethyst ring for a while now, so hands off! Aside from rings, expect to find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and men’s jewelry, alongside a smattering of shoes and ceramics available to purchase, too.


If luxury shopping is more your style, head to KM33. You’ll find this stunning store just behind Mr. Blackbird, south of Tulum Beach.

Described as ‘Latin America’s premier destination for all things exotic, luxe, and one of a kind’, this is Tulum’s hotspot for high-end clothes, shoes, and accessories. Here you’ll find exquisite jewelry and couture fashion that’s definitely on the pricey side of things, but a wonderful treat if you’re looking for a special souvenir.

Need more convincing? Rihanna is a big fan of KM33 – and if it’s good enough for Queen RiRi, it’s good enough for us.

In The Middle

With a heavy focus on men’s fashion, In The Middle is committed to redefining classics by selling clothes with simple silhouettes in natural and sustainable materials. Think UNIQLO-style, but crafted by local artisans.

In The Middle shares its space with the equally fabulous De La Rosa, a beautiful jewelry store also worth popping into when you’re in the area.

Tulum Shopping Guide: Practical Tips for Finding the Perfect Purchase 

  • Wondering what to buy in Tulum? The perfect Tulum souvenir is a dreamcatcher – you can find them in many boutiques across the town. Whilst you can buy them in the center of Tulum, we recommend heading out on the #109 road towards Azulik Uh May and stopping off at one of the stalls that line the road for a much better price.
  • In general, boutique clothing and jewelry stores will not take well to haggling. However, if you’re shopping in a roadside stall or local craft souvenir shop, you can try to get an item for cheaper – if you’re feeling brave!
  • Shop small! Supporting local businesses is more important than ever in Tulum, especially as the number of tourists rises. Pick family-run businesses over chain stores to make a positive impact.

Tulum Shopping: Map