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Azulik Uh May: The Uh-May-Zing Art Installation in Tulum You Need to Visit

Azulik Uh May: The Uh-May-Zing Art Installation in Tulum You Need to Visit

Looking for brilliant things to do in Tulum? Here’s why you need to head to Azulik Uh May, an art gallery buried deep in the surrounding jungle.

With so many fabulous things to see and do in Tulum, you would be forgiven for overlooking a visit to Azulik Uh May. After all, we bet your top priorities involve beaches, cenotes, and ancient Mayan ruins. All are well-worthy additions to a Tulum bucket list, we think.

But you would be making a huge mistake. 

Azulik Uh May is one of the coolest spots in town – and one we highly recommend you check out during your vacation in Tulum.

Ready to discover why you need to visit Azulik Uh May?

Azulik Uh May Tulum

What is Azulik Uh May?

Described as “a creative project nestled in the deep lush of the Mayan jungle”, Azulik Uh May can only be labeled as a creative outlet filled with sculptures and artwork, tucked away just outside of the main area in Tulum.

The art center is the work of Roth (Eduardo Neira), who also founded and designed the luxury Azulik resort down the road. 

Each of Roth’s architectural designs is environmentally conscious and designed to leave zero traces of a carbon footprint – a concept we can very much get behind.

The main aim of this contemporary art project is to provide a platform for some of the most innovative visual artists around the globe to showcase their work – and to allow visitors to Tulum to experience it.

Workshops and Exhibitions

Aside from the main sculptural area, the creative jungle enclave hosts plenty of workshops and exhibitions for visitors to get involved with. 

Workshops span architecture, fashion, cookery, macrame, ceramics, and many more, each designed to explore regenerative natural cosmology in a lush jungle setting.

Exhibition-wise, the concepts are also (surprise, surprise) nature-based. Recent collections have included Mexx by Azuma Makoto, which explores the topics of coexistence and symbiosis through a sculpture of native Mexican flowers that adapted to the surrounding verdant environment.

An Alchemic Dining Experience

If Azulik Uh May wasn’t cool enough already, then the alchemic dining experience on offer tops it off. 

The Jungle Cuisine gastronomic experience brings the surrounding jungle to your table through an ever-changing menu curated for individual diners.

There’s no menu available to peruse, simply give your dietary requirements to the chef and expect surprise after surprise to be brought to your table.

Azulik Uh May Tulum

Azulik Uh May: Practical Tips and Map

  • Don’t get Azulik Uh May confused with the Azulik Hotel just down the road – they’re run by the same company and look extremely similar, though Uh May is the art gallery.