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Hartwood Restaurant: Tulum’s Top Spot for Delicious and Sustainable Seafood

Hartwood Restaurant: Tulum’s Top Spot for Delicious and Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable wood-fired dining that’s lip-smackingly good? We’re sold. Here’s why you need to visit Hartwood Tulum.

The vast majority of restaurants in Tulum are notoriously cool, but we can’t quite find a spot that rivals Hartwood. Well, maybe Ka’an, but still, Hartwood has a chilled-out edge to it that we have totally fallen head over heels for – and return to every single time we visit Tulum.

Off-the-grid and open-air, this spot is stellar. Here’s why you need to visit for yourself.

The Food

Hartwood Tulum

In anywhere other than Tulum, open-fire cooking all too easily falls into the gimmicky side of things – but not at Hartwood. The hand-made wood-burning oven and grill ensure each ingredient is charred to perfection.

The menu rotates daily depending on what can be sourced from local markets, while sustainable fishing methods are used to catch the likes of Caribbean lobster, crab, and squid.

The result? Tantalizingly fresh seafood that will leave you wanting more – from ceviche to grilled fish, this really is a seafood lover’s paradise. And, surprisingly enough, there’s also a wide selection of dishes available for vegetarians, including the regularly featured peppery-sweet Jicama Salad. 

Drinks-wise, expect plenty of cocktails and beers to feature. Their spicy margarita is something of a staple, so it would be very rude of us not to recommend you indulge in a glass or three.

The Restaurant and Sustainability

The outdoor dining area is hidden away under the lush jungle just steps away from the beach. The space is simple and far more casual than other Tulum spots, but that’s part of its charm. Head here for a cozy lunch or a chilled-out dinner before moving on to one of Tulum’s brilliant bars.

As we’ve already mentioned, Hartwood pushes sustainability in every aspect of the restaurant – from the solar panels that run the entire joint to the way they take their food waste and create organic compost that gets reused within the local farming industry. 

It’s admirable actually, they’re serving up a completely guilt-free meal for us all to enjoy. And enjoy it, we shall. 

Hartwood Tulum: Practical Information and Map

  • Hartwood Tulum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and is open between 6pm and 10pm the rest of the week. The restaurant’s menu changes daily but heavily features fresh seafood and veggies.
  • Walk-ins are strongly encouraged (and totally fine, in our experience), though you can make a reservation on their site for busier evenings.