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Tulum Transportation: How to Get Around in Tulum

Tulum Transportation: How to Get Around in Tulum

Wondering how to get around Tulum? We’ve got you covered with this handy travel guide to Tulum’s transportation.

So you’ve landed at Cancun International Airport (or another part of Mexico) and figured out how to get to Tulum

As you make your way into your coastal resort or downtown villa, we bet you’re already planning your next adventure.

But what are the best means for Tulum transportation? There’s plenty to choose from.

There’s no need to worry, we’ve handled the research for you, so you can spend your time planning your trip to Tulum, and we’ll let you know the very best ways to get from one place to another while you’re visiting.  

How to get around Tulum, Mexico: Best Transportation Options


Traveling around Tulum is relatively easy, and there are plenty of options to choose from. But what’s the best form of transportation in Tulum? 

Let’s have a little look… 

Taxis in Tulum


Taxis in Tulum are an excellent way to get from one part of the city to another. If you plan to go from the hotel zone to downtown, or even a nearby cenote, hailing a cab is a great choice. 

Take note, however, that while they’re very convenient, taxis in Tulum are expensive. Tulum has a reputation for being among the pricier cities in the world to get a cab, so you should limit your rides to places you can’t drive.

An average cab ride from downtown Tulum to the hotel zone can cost as much as $16 to go about 3 miles.

However, if you plan to go longer distances, like to Chichen Itza or a more remote national park, there may be better options than taking a taxi, as this can cost well over $100 each way. 

Is There Uber in Tulum?

Valladolid, Mexico

Unfortunately, there aren’t any major rideshare companies in Tulum or the nearby area.

Because there aren’t any rideshares, you’ll need to plan ahead and research the best locations to find taxis or other transportation options near cenotes, archeological sites, and other areas you visit. 

How to Get Around Tulum by Taking the Bus?

Tulum Town

You can reach Tulum from Cancun International Airport by taking an ADO Bus. It’s an inexpensive way to get to downtown Tulum, costing you about $15 for a one-way ride. 

What’s the best way to get around Tulum by bus once you’re there? Unfortunately, the public transportation system doesn’t have as many trains and buses as larger cities in Mexico, but you have a few choices. 

Buses will take you to some of the best day trips near Tulum, like Coba and Chichén Itzá, for considerably less than a taxi will.

You can access some excellent destinations further away by bus, but the times are restrictive. So you will not want to miss the last bus out of town, or you may be scrambling to find a way back to your Tulum resort from some remote locations.

Using Colectivos to Get Around Tulum Without a Car


A popular way to access many parts of Tulum is using colectivos. Essentially, this is like a shuttle bus, where you ride with locals and a few other tourists from one location to another in a small bus or van.

Colectivos are an excellent option for travelers who want to go a bit further than they can bike to for a lot cheaper than a taxi. For example, you can go from Avenida Tulum to Playa del Carmen for under $3 each way.

If you don’t do well in crowded areas or travel with lots of luggage, colectivos may not be your best choice. But they frequently run and get you to many of our favorite locations at a price you can’t beat.

Can I Rent a Car in Tulum?


When you visit Tulum and decide how many days your trip should be, you may try to determine the best location for renting a car. 

So can you rent a car in Tulum? Yes, you can rent a car in Tulum, and there are plenty of places near Tulum Centro where you can do so.  If you can’t find a rental car company in Cancun or another airport you flew into, you can find it once you get to Tulum and still get a reasonable rate.

Prices can vary, and you’ll need to add insurance if your credit card option isn’t compliant with local regulations, but on average, you can expect to spend at least $30 per day most of the year.

How to Get Around Tulum by Renting a Scooter?


What’s the best way to get around Tulum? Many travelers love to get from one place to another via scooter, and we’re here for it.

By renting a scooter in Tulum, you’ll save a little bit of money and have easier access to areas you might not see in larger vehicles. There are plenty of locations to pick from, and on average, you’ll spend about $30 per day, but you can save money by renting for a whole week.

How to Get Around Tulum by Walking?

Tulum Beach

So how do you get around Tulum without spending a lot of money? Walking is an excellent option for many locations near your hotel and won’t cost you a dime. 

Some popular locations you can walk to from the hotel zone include Tulum Beach, Tulum Archeological Zone, and many of the resorts, restaurants, and bars in that area.

Downtown Tulum is also very walkable, and there’s plenty to see on foot when you’re in Tulum Centro. So while it takes a bit too long to walk from downtown to the hotel zone or Tulum Beach for most people, you can explore other affordable options like jogging or biking.

Biking in Tulum


Biking in Tulum is a wonderful way to see more of the area on a budget while still fitting in Tulum’s top attractions and things to do.

Renting a bike to get around Tulum is a great way to save money, at around $8 per day. You can cover a surprising amount of ground and see some of the area’s best natural attractions, like cenotes, jungles, and beaches.  

Tulum Tours

Sian Kaan

Tulum tours are an excellent way to reach remote areas and epic adventures like archeological sites, scuba diving hot spots, and adventure parks. When deciding how to get around Tulum, tours can be a fantastic way to pack in everything you want to do if you decide against having a car. 

While taking buses and colectivos is usually cheaper, they can take time to coordinate and make reaching some further destinations a bit tricky. 

Scheduling a tour to get around Tulum is a fantastic way to fit in more adventures while spending a similar amount of money as you would on renting a car or booking a taxi to certain locations.

One example is the From Tulum: Mayan ruins & Sian Kaan Nature Reserve Tour, where you’ll visit the incredible Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve alongside the Muyil ruins. At $139 per person, it’s more expensive than taking a taxi or renting a car, but you’ll have access to information and resources you wouldn’t have on your own.

Practical Tips for Navigating Tulum’s Transportation Options 

Rent a Car at Cancun International Airport 

Cancun International Airport 

Do you need a car in Tulum? Although renting a car isn’t always cheap, it’s the easiest way to get around Tulum and the surrounding areas if you visit the Mayan ruins and other popular destinations away from the hotel zone and downtown. 

You can get around Tulum, Mexico, by using bikes or taxis, but if you plan to explore numerous locations, the most efficient option for you is renting a car.

Renting a car in Cancun is your best option, as most visitors travel here, and it’s cheaper than renting from more remote locations with fewer cars available, and you’ll save the cost of getting from the airport to Tulum.

You Can Access Many Attractions by Bicycle or On Foot

Gran Cenote, Tulum

Tulum Archeological Zone, Tulum Beach, and other attractions are close to the hotel zone. You can access many of these destinations by walking or renting a bike.

You can even reach some of the best cenotes by biking there, giving you an inexpensive and exhilarating way to get to some of the best swimming spots in Tulum. You’ll also get a great workout in the process. 

Rideshare Apps Won’t Work in Tulum

Tulum Mexico

Save yourself the trouble, and don’t try to find an Uber or Lyft while in Tulum. You’ll need to rely on other forms of transportation, so you may need to plan ahead a bit further than you do in other vacation destinations.