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Tulum Yoga Guide: Best Yoga Retreats and Classes in Tulum

Tulum Yoga Guide: Best Yoga Retreats and Classes in Tulum

Looking for the best yoga spots in Tulum? Discover the studios and retreats that will make you want to nama-stay forever.

Yoga in this tropical wonderland is a beautiful way to embrace the Tulum lifestyle – so much so that you should add practicing yoga in Tulum to the top of your list of things to do

Yoga in Tulum 

This jungle town has grown rapidly over the years, creating a health-centered tropical destination that takes the meaning of a blissful escape to a whole different level along the way.

From eco-hotels to Tulum wellness retreats, you’ll have a blast sampling a kaleidoscope of experiences to ensure the ultimate detox (from your mind to your midnight snack habits).

Unsure where to do yoga in Tulum? We’ll take you on a journey through all the yoga-filled spaces in this Mexican paradise. 

Best Yoga Retreats in Tulum 

Ahau Tulum

Situated near the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Ahau Tulum is one of the best resorts in Tulum. This beachy burrow is the ultimate space to find your yoga flow in one of the most picturesque places in Mexico.

This hotel, known for its eco-friendly practices, is all about awakening the spirits within, and has yoga classes throughout the day. Equipped with an oceanfront yoga studio, you’ll smell the salty sea breeze wafting in the air while you’re trying to find your inner peace.

Be sure to attend the sunrise meditation to fully appreciate the joys of the blooming buds of a new day or enjoy Vinyasa yoga classes on Tulum Beach itself.


With the childhood wonders of nights in a tent, treetop escapes, and jungle-inspired rooms, Nômade provides a unique adventure for every kind of visitor. 

This beachfront property is a private beach area, which creates a hidden oasis where you can enjoy your wellness journey d to the fullest extent. Among the series of self-care amenities, such as nest talks and gratitude tents, you’ll have a judgment-free space to explore the various plains of self-discovery.

The balanced space of yoga shala cultivates a positive reprogramming to ensure negative habits and thinking are a thing of the past. 

Tribal Yoga Tulum 

Be ready to discover your warrior at this Tulum yoga retreat. Equipped with loft apartments, Tribal Yoga Tulum provides yoga classes, a continental breakfast, and access to a bike when booking a reservation at their tranquil terrains.

The studio on the premises has a tapestry of yoga classes on Tulum Beach to find the perfect practice for every type of yogi. You’ll also have various yoga retreats to choose from. This ranges from dual dive and yoga retreats to a month-long intensive yoga retreat.

Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort

Established in January 2021, this wellness hub is a traditional Mexican Caribbean-styled gem. Equipped with a spa, top-tier restaurant, and yoga facilities, Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort will have you primed, prepped, and ready for the year ahead.

This resort focuses on a variety of yoga styles that can alleviate various existing ailments, such as mental fatigue and insomnia. Whether you’re looking for power yoga for spinal problems or looking to try meditative yoga for depression relief, this Tulum yoga resort will be sure to lighten your burdens.


Peppered with palm trees, panoramic views, and peaceful vibes, Amansala is a dreamscape filled with scenic delights. Its name derives its inspiration from the Sanskrit term for “peaceful waters.” 

This Tulum, Mexico yoga retreat incorporates the belief of returning home as a better version of yourself after a vacation within their philosophy.

The eco-chic resort of Amansala provides various retreat packages to cater to your individual needs. The most yoga-focused package of the bunch is the Refresh and Renew six-day retreat. Among journaling and meditation, yoga focuses on toning and strengthening.

Best Yoga Classes in Tulum 

SUP Yoga Tulum

Looking for yoga with an aquatic twist? The Boga Yoga SUP activity located in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a floating yoga class on a paddleboard. One of the benefits of these classes is getting to jump into the cooling water of the reserve after a long session.

Jungle Yoga Tulum

Take a walk on the wild side by experiencing a wide range of yoga adventures available at Jungle Yoga Tulum. Your yoga experience will be a thrilling one as you immerse yourself in nature and take in the sheer beauty of the world around you.

This serene sanctum offers various plains to get your serenity on. You can also combine your yoga class with a dive into a cenote or yacht trip that features yoga classes.

The Beach Tulum Hotel 

While this adult-only hotel is a luxury getaway at its finest, the yoga at this establishment is a great way to experience this practice on a budget. If you’re looking to do some free yoga in Tulum, the yoga center here offers a class at 9:00 am and the best part is it won’t cost you a cent.

Zama Yoga Tulum

Ready to turn up the heat? This studio makes it their business to assist clients in reconnecting with themselves. While Zama Yoga Tulum provides various yoga styles, the candlelight hot Vinyasa will offer a romantic edge while you sweat your worries away.


This wellness-centered space provides a different take on your average yoga experience. Azulik offers yoga classes under a dome and it focuses on all aspects of well-being during their practice.

Yoga in Tulum: Practical Tips for Your Trip 


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