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Loco Tulum – The Tulum Restaurant We’re Crazy About

Loco Tulum – The Tulum Restaurant We’re Crazy About

Looking to dine at the liveliest restaurant in Tulum? Loco has got your back and it’s about to get cray.

Tulum’s not short of stellar restaurants, though between the fancy dining spots and cool street eats lies a gray area not often trod.

That was until Loco Tulum arrived with a sucker-punch of a menu filled with brilliant dishes and an equally dazzling team of waitstaff and bartenders to go alongside. It’s since become one of the most popular spots in town.

Ready to discover why you need to eat at Loco Tulum?

The Food

Loco Tulum

Chef Idan Lifshitz is the genius behind Loco Tulum’s menu, which has a heavy focus on unique flavors and pairings to create a once-in-a-gastronomic-lifetime experience. 

The menu at Loco Tulum is vast, a large but carefully-curated selection of Mediterranean-inspired dishes spanning everything from fresh fish of the day to a traditional spiced Lamb Masbaha. 

Our top picks are the tacos (we’ll level with you and say they’re the only ones in Tulum that come close to the ones at Taqueria Honorio) and the deliciously-tender tuna steak. If you’re visiting for lunch then getting the Acai bowl is non-negotiable. We don’t make the rules.

Drinks-wise there are plenty of wines to choose from, while the cocktail menu features classics such as a Mezcal and an oh-so-sippable Lemon Margarita.

Dare we mention the legendary $1 tequila shots? We’re not kidding when we say that they’re the size of your head.

The Experience

As its name suggests, this gorgeous little spot oozes fun, with hyper-friendly waiters, a ‘gram-friendly outdoor dining area, and live music providing a chilled-out soundtrack to your meal throughout the week.

Dining at Loco Tulum is as much about the experience as it is about the food. The entire menu is designed to wow you, from its innovative use of new flavors to the delightful presentation.

If you’re after a laid-back meal, head here throughout the week. Though, on weekends is when Loco starts to get crazy. We couldn’t recommend this Tulum restaurant enough – it’s equal parts weird and wonderful. 

Ready to get loco?

Loco Tulum: Practical Information and Map

  • If you’re looking for a quieter meal, heading here during the daytime is ideal. Evenings and weekends see those pesky $1 tequila shots come out to play.